“Transgender Seeking…” – 03.11.2013 // 19h // Schwule Sau

Am 03.11 freuen wir uns Sunny Drake in Hannover begrüßen zu dürfen. In seiner aktuellen Show „Transgender seeking…“ geht es um queere Beziehungsentwürfe. Das Ganze geht um 19:30h los, Einlass ist ab 19h in der Schwulen Sau (Schaufelder Straße 30a). Die Performance wird in englisch sein, allerdings werden deutsche Untertitel eingeblendet. Der Eintritt ist frei.

Hier ein kleiner Einblick in das Stück:

„Transgender Seeking…“

Beautiful, articulate, well considered and very sophisticated…Complex and difficult subjects are delivered in the most accessible and authentic way. It’s light hearted, fresh and wank free…. Sunny drake is a progressive queer visionary.” (Samesame, Australia)

Jimmy is trying to quit romance, cold turkey, so he’s joined your Romance-aholics Anonymous group. Since the break-up, he’s been trying to prove that he’s “Great! Fine! Never been better!” His secret comforts include watching cheesy old black and white romance films – but don’t tell his radical friends… An exposing, funny and tender look at queer relationships, the bold visions we have and the often hilarious struggles in living up to them. Run-ins with the polyamory police about jeolousy. Online dating mishaps. How relationship scripts and bigger political systems like policing and prisons affect our relationships.  Transgender Seeking… includes clever unconventional use of multimedia projections.


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