student transit pass

The price and coverage of the student transit pass of the university of hannover is negotiated between the AStA and its contractual partners (Deutsche Bahn, Metronom, erixx, NWB, WestfalenBahn, EVB, Cantus, eurobahn and GVH for the regional public transport) every year for the winter term. In a yearly ballot vote, the students endorese the deal.
Therefore changes in price and the covered area are likely.

Notice: Until the Wintersemester 18/19 are these routes included. For changes with beginning of the Wintersemester 18/19 read here.

Covered Area:
Your student transit pass is your ticket for public transportation in Hannover and almost all of lower saxony. You can ride all „RegionalBahn (RB)“ and „RegionalExpress (RE)“ trains, the trains of „Metronom (ME)“, „erixx“ and „NordWestBahn (NWB)“ within this federal state. Also some routes of „WestfalenBahn“, "eurobahn", „Cantus“ and „EVB Elbe-Weser“ are included. Additionally you can use the „S-Bahn Hamburg“ on the route Hamburg-Harburg – Stade. All other routes of this service are not included.

The student transit pass is valid in the trains mentioned above and only on the routes here.
For orientation use the map here.


Within Hannover (i.e. within the „GVH“-service area) you can use all busses, trams and the Hannover „S-Bahn“.

What is not covered:
You student transit pass is not valid on routes WITHIN Hamburg, only TO Hamburg.
If you want to use busses or trams in Braunschweig, you have to buy yourself a ticket.

You can’t use your student transit pass in InterCity (IC), InterCityExpress (ICE) (Deutsche Bahn), except the IC/EC between the relation Bremen Hbf – Norddeich Mole and Leer – Norddeich.

Your student transit pass is invalided if you laminate it, cut it, paste it up with something that changes it any other way. You can get an envelope in the office of the AStA.

Partial partial refund for the student ticketprice because of de-registration:
Here is the request-formular for the partial refund of the Semesterticket, please make sure, that the I-Amt signs these paper, otherwise its not validated. The processing time for the request can be up to 4 weeks, we are sorry for potentiell delays. So please send us the formular as soon as possible.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send a mail to info [at]