Semester ticket social fund

The semester ticket social fund is a reaction to students being not able to afford the (comparatively) high costs of the semester ticket and addresses everyone enrolled or those who are applying for studies at Leibniz Universität, who are considered a case of hardship. Proving such a case of hardship (see list below), an application for a grant by the student body of Leibniz Universität can be made.

If there are any questions or problems regarding the application you can contact our consultants: semesterticketausfallfonds [at]

Application for a grant from the semester ticket social fund
If you should be struggling to pay for semester ticket, you may make use of the grant for the ticket’s price. The application is not dependent of the process of (re-)enrolling. First, you pay the complete amount and will receive the usual semester ticket, which also functions as your student’s ID. If your application is approved, you will be compensated for parts (or even the whole) of the amount.

You can apply for the grant, if you can show that certain case of hard ship makes it difficult for you to come up with the money for the semester ticket, your monthly income does not exceed your needs and you do not possess any fortune.

Cases of hard ship are:

  • A missing work permit or the restriction of the same for international students
  • working on your final thesis/project (at least three months working on it)
  • an unpaid (or minor paid) internship (at least 30 hours of work per weak, if requested by your study regulations and lasts at least three months)
  • being a single parent
  • caring for sick or disabled persons, or paying alimonies for them
  • costly diet necessary because of disabilities or illness
  • pregnancy
  • financial reasons
  • costs, which came up in the charging period, for medical or psychological treatments, that are not covered by health insurance
  • other individual cases of comparative hard ship


The grant’s amount does not only depend on the information given by you, but the overall number of applications in relation to the overall amount of financial means at disposal for the social fund. I.e., the grants are getting approved, the smaller the amount for everyone will be. The relation of income and requirement, the period in which the case of hard ship are valid, and overall financial responsibilities, will be considered in distribution.


Submit Forms

Submit application online:

Regulations for social fund (PDF) (state of October, 22nd 2017) (in german)

If you have problems filling out the application, please send us an email to semesterticketausfallfonds [at] In exceptional cases, you can continue to fill out the application in the AStA office, submit copies of evidence in the AStA office or send it to the AStA by post (postal address: AStA Uni Hannover, Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover). You can also copy your evidence free of charge from us.

Pay attention to application’s deadline!
The deadline for a grant from the social fund will end after the period of re-enrolment (for students re-enrolling at Leibniz Universität), or six weeks after enrolment (for newly enrolled students).